4 Benefits of Conversational AI for Customer Engagement | Engagely

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle of a well-known clothing brand with piles of garments stacked and categorized by size, colours, and prices. Everything is just in place, and all you need to do is pick a piece of clothing of the right size at reasonable prices. Easy? Right!

Not always though! Human psychology has a substantial role to play when one has to make a decision. This necessitates brands to have an impactful customer engagement methodology in place to help them navigate their way through the buyer’s journey which ends with a successful purchase.

Customer engagement is not new in the business ecosystem and effective customer engagement is not limited to the retail sector. Every business must learn to showcase, engage, and convert. The real question that arises in the light of all this information is ‘why is the lead conversion rate going downhill with each quarter passing by?’

The simplest solution to this problem is ‘making customer engagement effortless by deploying a full-fledged conversational AI bot that maximizes your productivity and facilitates better customer engagement.’

Conversational AI offers speech-based assistants that enable greater and effective customer engagement. This technology aides the buyers’ decisions at every stage of the buyers’ journey, such as the search stage, in-purchase stage, and post-purchase stage.

What role does customer engagement play in business growth?

Building Customer Loyalty

The more loyal customers you have, the more stable revenues you are assured of generating. Besides, dedicated customers will give you the gift of word-of-mouth marketing which is the best way to expand your outreach.

Reducing Customer Churn

Boosting Revenues

Reduce Cost

We shall rest our case here.

The impeccable customer engagement process, which is defined to match the basic industry standards and evolves to accommodate the latest trends, goes a long way. The beauty lies in the autonomous functioning of the customer engagement software end-to-end.

Originally published at https://www.engagely.ai on September 18, 2020.